Top Games in Word Games

Famous Arnolds

In honor of Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold.
Category: Word Games, Entertainment

Countries Ending in Y

Most are in Europe.
Category: Word Games, Geography

Presidents with One or Two Vowels in Last Name

Run-of-the-mill presidential last names.
Category: Political, History, Word Games

Three Vowel US Presidents

Four presidents had 4 or more.
Category: Political, Word Games

Movie Title Fill in the Blank: 2003

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King was the highest grossing film in 2003.
Category: Movies, Word Games

Longest One-Word Countries

You won't need to know your North American countries.
Category: Word Games, Geography

One Vowel US Presidents

The highest number of vowels in any US president's last name is 5.
Category: Political, History, Word Games

Presidents and Vice Presidents with "J" First Names

J is a popular letter among presidential and vice presidential first names.
Category: Political, History, Word Games

Most Populous Multiple-Word US Cities

These cities are just too populated for one word names.
Category: Word Games, Geography

Video Game Title Fill in the Blank

Boom headshot!
Category: Video Games, Word Games

Shakespeare Plays Unscramble

To play or not to play, that's is the question.
Category: Literature, Word Games

States without a "State" University

Don't worry, there are plenty of other universities.
Category: Education, Word Games, Sports

US Cities with the Highest Percentage of African Americans

Hint: They aren't in Nebraska.
Category: Sociology, Geography


Don't waste your time thinking of a state that starts with E.
Category: Word Games, Geography

Most Common Birth Countries of US Immigrants

Number one has more than 2 through 9 combined.
Category: Sociology, Geography

Quiz: Name these Famous People Named Chris

No Tophers in this quiz.
Category: Pop Culture, Word Games

Countries with "Land"

The Oceania ones might give you some problems.
Category: Word Games, Geography

Non-English Speaking States

Whether it be Spanish, French, German, Italian, Creole, Portuguese, or anything else.
Category: Sociology, Geography

Most Populous US Cities Starting with a Vowel

Y not included.
Category: Word Games, Geography

Words Starting with Ph

Don't worry, this isn't about acids and bases.
Category: Word Games

Quiz: Name these Famous Georges

Honorable mention to George Marshall of the post-World War II Marshall Plan.
Category: Pop Culture, Word Games

US Capitals with at Least 10 Letters

These capitals take up the most ink on the map.
Category: Word Games, Geography

Novel Title Unscramble

Most of these books were difficult enough as it is.
Category: Literature, Word Games

NFL Teams by Word Clue Part II

It takes a little extra thought.
Category: Word Games, Sports

Bible Books Unscramble

Old and New Testament included.
Category: Religion, Word Games

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